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Souvenir's Decor was created from the love of baking, cooking  and the passion of decorating. Andresa took her love & passion and created what is now known as Souvenir's Decor. We at Souvenir's Decor can make your wildest thoughts and dreams come to life right before your eyes. We offer an array of services from something simple as a dinner party to the most extravagant event and or wedding! Our team is one of the most supportive team you will ever work with in the business that will stop at nothing to make your vision a reality. Souvenir's Decor is always willing and able to work within any budget set to create an amazing, unique event, personalized for you by you and with only you in mind, we always make your dreams come true!



CEO & Executive Designer & Baker 

Andresa a wife, mother, and owner of SD who started SD with the support of her husband & children. Studied at Brooklyn College and obtain her BA degree in Business Management. She had the idea to bring her dream into forwishen. Who would have thought that she could turn her hobby into a full service event & catering company to share with the world. Andesa’s eye for design and her attention to detail allows her to create the unimaginable! Her delicious treats has ranked her one of the greatest up & coming bakers and caterers
(Quote) I can read your mind, I know what your thinking.  

Senior Designer & Event Coordinator 

Kiara started with us after earning her degree in Business Management and Finance, She serves as Andresa’s right hand as she learned the business watching Andresa create treats and food platters right before her eyes, Kiara fell in love with design and her creative juices began to flow, as she was bit by the catering & design bug! Her ideas coupled with Andresa’s baking & catering skills allows her to bring so much fun to the company. Kiara is the best designer & event coordinator thus far!

Team Leader

Tyler is currently studying Education, he plays a key role in setting up displays,backdrops and balloon arches. Tyler unique eye for detail helps when arranging decor and lighting. He is our go to, to get it done in a timely manner and perfectly just how we like it. 


Xavier is currently studying Business Management, is also a key member of SD. His role is very similar to Tyler’s, Xavier assist and coordinate set ups and display tables, balloon art and backdrops not to mention, he is great with handling the lighting and music aspect of the event.

Quote - If I touched it, know that it was done right!

Quality Control

Sean is currently one of our two quality control specialists, he has no quarries about his job, he loves inventing new flavored treats not to mention, coming up with great ideas for displays and taste testing, Sean loves experiencing with flavors and colors.

Quote - Food is meant to be different like Us!

Quality Control Specialist 

SeAnn who rounds out the team is too, a quality control specialist. She has a more unique pallet and discovers a more refined taste of flavors, she creates flavors and always challenges Andresa to go bigger and  bolder to be extravagant with flavor choices, displays and ideas. SeAnn helps to make sure you receive nothing but the best tasting treats and food we have to offer, so if that savory flavor is something like and  have never had SeAnn is the driving force behind that!

Quote- If it looks & taste like it should be eaten, Eat It!   

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